1. Mariano gesagt:

    Nice Job. Simple and clean.
    Good to have you back.

  2. moklet gesagt:

    Simple and clean and as the previous poster happy to see you kicking and alive. Keep up the good work

  3. new new gesagt:

    I like how the first word isn’t bold and how the second word IS bold.

    I also like that you used scissors in the graphic since scissors is one of the words.

    Very creative.

  4. velourum gesagt:

    I used this one as a logo for my own cutting fetish site. excellent starting point!

  5. http://www.csshook.com gesagt:

    great logo design site.

  6. T-Law gesagt:

    Simple, simpatic ;)

  7. Chris gesagt:

    Superb logos !

    Many thanks….

  8. Angie Marry gesagt:

    Wow, one of the best theme i see :)

  9. aBlogz gesagt:


  10. love2read.ru gesagt:


    Благодарю. Появилась уникальная идея, но она требует полной реорганизации предыдущей идеи, займусь в выходные. И сразу поделюсь информа…

  11. Bruce gesagt:

    Simple, simpatic ;)

  12. T Shirt Tony gesagt:

    Nice design!